Victory: Monsanto to divest of rBGH business!

From: Filmona, Food & Water Watch
Date: Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 3:38 PM
Subject: Victory: Monsanto to divest of rBGH business!
To: ellie.goldberg@gmail.com

Dear Ellie ,

We're pleased to share that Monsanto, the maker of rBGH, announced yesterday that it will sell off its dairy hormone business! After years of trying to stifle consumer rejection of its artificial hormone, even Monsanto has now gotten the message: Consumers don't want rBGH in their milk.

Thank you for all your efforts in advocating against the use of this harmful hormone! In the last year, you've helped stop rBGH-free labeling bans in seven states and encouraged Starbucks to go artificial hormone-free. Here's yet another victory for you to celebrate!

Help us maintain the momentum. Please ask three of your friends to sign our petition encouaging more companies to go rBGH-free.

And stay tuned for further actions on how you can ensure kids get rBGH-free milk in school lunches.

Filmona and Sarah
The Food Team
Food & Water Watch