Celebrate Breast Cancer Action Victory

We recently celebrated a major victory over General Mills (GM) in the name of women's health. GM (the parent company of Yoplait) committed to making yogurt without the use of the cancer-linked recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH).

General Mills operates globally with 29,500 employees. Breast Cancer Action has 10 employees. With your help, we pulled together as a community and persuaded this major US food manufacturer to put breast cancer before profits. Now that's what I call working together.

This victory has inspired us to take a bold next step to eradicate rBGH from the entire U.S. dairy market. We need all the people we can to support this effort. Share this email with 3 of your closest friends and tell them why you support us.

Your donations enable us to protect women's health. Please, send this E-alert to 3 of your dearest friends. Urge them to make a donation. If you received this email from a close friend, join us and keep the momentum going. Donate today.

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Write Sebelius

Tell the future HHS Secretary you want accurate labels on your milk!

Last week the Kansas state legislature passed a bill restricting how much information consumers get about the milk they buy. The state legislature of Kansas wants to restrict dairies' ability to label their products as rBGH-free. Tell Governor Sebelius to protect consumers' right to know and veto this bill.

The artificial hormone rBGH has been linked to increased rates of cancer in humans, and consumers have increasingly rejected milk produced with the artificial hormone. So why does a bill in Kansas matter to you? It is part of a national effort to prevent consumers from knowing whether their milk was produced with rBGH.

It's not too late, though, because Governor Kathleen Sebelius can still veto the bill. The governor is President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, the agency that houses the Food and Drug Administration. Let's make sure that she doesn't give in to big agriculture.

The FDA already has national rules for rBGH-free labeling, and they've worked fine for years. This bill would harm consumers and water down existing national labeling rules by requiring a misleading disclaimer on all rBGH-free labels. Tell Governor Sebelius we don't want her to water down FDA's rules right before she comes to Washington.

This legislation would place a financial burden on small dairy producers. It would also force national producers to have different labels for Kansas than the rest of the country - which could mean many bigger producers simply stop using any rBGH-free labels at all.

Contact Governor Sebelius now to let her know we want our future HHS Secretary to protect consumers' right to know.

Thanks for taking action,

Sarah, Alex, Noelle and the Food Team
Food & Water Watch