HCWH rBGH Food Work Group

Nurses working with Health Care Without Harm's rBGH Food Work Group have created three short videos to help nurses understand how the use of rBGH, a synthetic hormone found in dairy products, impacts human health. Nurses play an important role to protect and prevent harm to patients, health care workers and visitors. Also, the videos will help guide nurses to advocate for healthier food choices in their health care facilities.

Human & Animal Health - Part 1
Learn about the health problems associated to recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) or rBST and how to apply the Precautionary Principle and the ANA's Precautionary Approach to protect health. This clip also discusses countries where rBGH is banned.

rBGH & Nursing - Part 2
rBGH & Nursing: This clip discusses what nurses can do about synthetic hormones in dairy products. Learn about the American Nurses Association's resolution, American Medical Association's position, what you can do today, and how to engage others to promote the use of rBGH-free dairy products in your personal and professional life.

rBGH Nurse Toolkit - Part 3
rBGH - Nurse Tool Kit at http://www.noharm.org/us/nurses/rBgh will provide nurses with tools to advocate for patients, employees and visitors to have healthier food in health care facilities. Health Care Without Harm, an international coalition is transforming the health care sector to prevent harm to patients, public health and the environment.

To learn more about this topic and others, join Health Care Without Harm's Healthy Food in Health Care Listserv at http://www.noharm.org/us/food/listserv

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