Expel Hormones from School Milk

The food kids eat today will have a lasting impact on their health in the future. Unfortunately much of the food kids eat today is produced with harmful chemicals and artificial hormones. We've got a great opportunity to affect what kind of milk is in the National School Lunch Program. Can you take action now to get better milk into school lunches?

This spring we have a great chance to bring milk free from artificial hormones into our schools as Congress takes up legislation on the National School Lunch Program.

We are asking Congress to clarify that schools do have the option to purchase milk from cows that are not treated with artificial growth hormones. With nearly 430 million gallons of milk distributed through national school milk programs, we have to take action now to get artificial hormones out of our school milk!

Can you sign our petition to ask Congress to clarify that schools can purchase artificial hormone-free milk and organic milk?

Food & Water Watch is on the ground all across the country launching our School Milk Campaign, and this petition is the first step. Through town hall meetings, school board and city council bans, and other grassroots organizing, we can improve the health of America's schoolchildren by eliminating artificial hormones from school milk programs.

Take the first step in expelling the hormones from school milk by signing our petition and joining our action team.

Thanks for taking action,

Sarah, Noelle, Alex and The Food Team
Food & Water Watch

P.S. Watch for alerts coming soon to find out how you can be involved in our National Day of Action on March 11, 2009!

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