Celebrate Breast Cancer Action Victory

We recently celebrated a major victory over General Mills (GM) in the name of women's health. GM (the parent company of Yoplait) committed to making yogurt without the use of the cancer-linked recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH).

General Mills operates globally with 29,500 employees. Breast Cancer Action has 10 employees. With your help, we pulled together as a community and persuaded this major US food manufacturer to put breast cancer before profits. Now that's what I call working together.

This victory has inspired us to take a bold next step to eradicate rBGH from the entire U.S. dairy market. We need all the people we can to support this effort. Share this email with 3 of your closest friends and tell them why you support us.

Your donations enable us to protect women's health. Please, send this E-alert to 3 of your dearest friends. Urge them to make a donation. If you received this email from a close friend, join us and keep the momentum going. Donate today.

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