The real price of Cheap Food

Food Med 2007  Downloads  Changing our Cheap Food Mentality
Hugh Joseph, PhD Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University

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Time Magazine:  Getting Real about the Cheap Price of Food

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What is a CAFO? Cheap Meat and Poultry
Public Health Issues with Industrialized Beef, Hog and Poultry Production
Doug Gurian-Sherman, Union for Concerned Scientists

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Protecting the Global Food Chain
A quarter of the calories that feed the planet come from wheat. It’s going to take a lot more wheat to feed the world as its population moves toward 9 billion.
But keeping that vast hunger fed is a constant race against pathogens that can wipe out a harvest, climate change that can strangle a crop.
It takes non-stop breeding and new hybrids. Breeding that can depend on some very old and out-of-the-way strains. On seeds you’d never think of. In the most exotic locations. Seeds that keep your family fed.
This hour, On Point: the staff of life, and the wild story of how bread stays on your table.

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