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May 6, 2008 Every day we get a little bit closer to an rBGH-free milk supply as more and more major retailers are responding to the growing consumer demand for healthier milk. Chipotle, Kroger, and Wal-Mart are the most recent stores to join the trend. We're collecting 10,000 petition signatures to thank companies that have gone rBGH-free and to encourage other companies to do the same. Will you sign our petition?

In January, Chipotle began serving only rBGH-free sour cream and cheese in its restaurants, and Kroger and Wal-Mart both announced that they will only source rBGH-free milk for their store brands. The artificial growth hormone rBGH is known to increase infections in cows and there are ongoing questions about its links to cancer in humans.
Sign the petition thanking these companies for making the switch to healthier milk and dairy products.

While certain retailers are responding to consumers' rBGH concerns, unfortunately some states are not. Currently, five states are considering legislation or regulations that would restrict consumers' right to know whether their milk was produced with rBGH. These five states are Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New York, and Utah.

And two states -- Pennsylvania and Ohio-- both recently passed regulations that restrict 'rBGH-free' labels and require an FDA disclaimer stating there's no difference between milk produced with or without the artificial hormone. Research, however, disagrees with this disclaimer-- that's why rBGH's use is prohibited in over 30 other countries.

Please spread the word and help us collect 10,000 petition signatures thanking the above companies for making the switch. A strong show of support for healthier milk and dairy products will be valuable in our future advocacy efforts with other dairy retailers who have yet to go rBGH-free.

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Filmona Hailemichael
Food and Water Watch

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